The Beauty of Cosmic Things (2018)

Grand Prize Winner of the 2019 Rachel Moore Choral Composition Competition
For SSAATTBB chorus.

Duration: ca. 5 minutes
Perusal Score

Text by Alan Seeger (1888 - 1916), excerpt from “The Hosts” 
In their new dedication charged 
With something heightened, enriched, enlarged, 
That lends a light to their lusty brows 
And a song to the rhythm of their trampling feet, 
They are moved by the powers that force 
The sea for ever to ebb and rise, 
That hold Arcturus in his course, 
And marshal at noon in tropic skies 
The clouds that tower on some snow-capped chair 
And drift out over the peopled plain. 
They are big with the beauty of cosmic things.