Integrity (2021)

For piano, string quartet, bass clarinet, and flute
Duration: ca. 6'

For Fear No Music as part of the Oregon Bach Festival Composer Symposium 2021 (Project #1 Social and Racial Justice)
Honorable mention in NYYS First Music Commission 2021-2022

This piece explores the idea of speaking up against racism and injustice and being silenced for it. I portray this concept by giving the flute and bass clarinet the role of the protestor and the string quartet the role of those who would silence them.  

Coming from my own personal experience calling out racism the and hypocrisy of a person in a position of power, the most difficult part of the experience was not necessarily the backlash from the other higher-ups, but more so the indifference of my colleagues. For me to so clearly see an issue and be completely livid and to be met with deafening silence and sometimes anger from people whom I considered to be my friends- there was never another time in my life where I felt more alone. Even so, the only regret I have from that experience is that I wish I did more. 

Integrity - The practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.