Games (2020)

For piano trio + percussion (temple blocks, maracas, guiro, and bongos)
Duration: ca. 6'

FSU Polymorphia at Florida State University (2020)

 Conceiving this piece, I knew I wanted to write something that would act as an exploration in rhythm, timbre, and form. I chose sonata form because of how flexibly I could utilize it in the piece and complemented it with a very traditional ensemble, the piano trio. The percussion was added to spice things up a bit. As I further developed the piece, the interjections between all the parts evoked the image in my mind of close friends staying up late at night to play a game together. What starts out as something very lighthearted and fun, grows increasingly intense, coming to brief climaxes as each round of the game nears its end. By the end of the night, each friend is thoroughly exhausted by their competitive antics.