Ethan Soledad - Composer

Bold, dramatic, with an exquisite attention to detail, Ethan Soledad (b. 1999) is a composer whose work aims to express emotions in their most raw form through music. An experienced singer, he incorporates drama in his work, emphasizing the importance of silence and one’s perception of time. Ethan’s music draws from a wide palette of compositional styles and colors ranging from impressionism to neoclassicism and post-minimalism. His musical style is marked by unapologetic expression, dynamic extremes, and the ability to do more with less but never shying away from doing more with more.

He was a finalist in the 2018 Stephen Paulus Emerging Composers Competition and the grand prize winner of the 2019 Rachel Moore Choral Composition competition with his piece “The Beauty of Cosmic Things.” The piece was premiered in concert by The Choral Project in San Jose, California.

He is currently pursuing his undergraduate music degree at Florida State University.

Simple, incompetent, ignoramus, unimpressive, blasé, boring, redundant, seen it before, copied, trite, bland, afraid to stand out, conforms to the norm, put it in the oven, plant it in a garden, drink it, hold it in.”

— Catherine Magarino, performer of song cycle, "Songs of Love and Death"

random stuff. could be randomly assembled by anybody. dislike”

— negasauce on "Why"

Ethan's piece is the soundtrack of a Victorian manor that became abandoned after someone was murdered there, and now the ghost of the murder victim wanders the manor for eternity, seeking revenge on their murderer”

— Adam/Larry also on "Why"